Q&A With Larry O'Connor - Founder/CEO of Other World Computing We discuss with Other World Computing Founder and CEO Larry O'Connor the issues with memory and storage as the need for larger and faster memory and storage devices explodes. The difference between 4k imagry and HD or NTSC is stunning. So too is the difference in storage needs. From desktop to broadcast, from consumer devices to game development, the need for speed and capacity is becoming insatiable. ...Read More »
300 Rise of an Empire's Historical Inspirations By DMO Affiliate In a new Blu-ray clip, see how the movie's craftsman brought the historical aspects of 300 to life. ...Read More »
300 Rise of an Empire's Historical Inspirations By DMO Affiliate In a new Blu-ray clip, see how the movie's craftsman brought the historical aspects of 300 to life. ...Read More »
PlayStation Now: A Good Idea With A Bad Plan By DMO Affiliate Sony has revealed new details regarding their PlayStation Now Beta pricing scheme. They say that the prices for the service are being set by the content owners themselves, not Sony, which has resulted in some pretty steep costs across the digital rental service. But the real problem may be the entire concept of the model.Game Informer put together a handy chart about the prices of a few different participating games.The service allows for rental for as little as four hours, or up to 90 days. ...Read More »
Between College, Real World There's 4K Intramural By Miles Weston Independent filmmakers are finding it much more affordable today to produce a crowd pleasing film -- low-cost 4K, 5K camera, economic Mac/PC production systems, cloud creative tools, reasonably priced high capacity storage. Of course it also requires a whole lot of talent and that magic something. They all came togetther for the production of Intramural and they're racking up lots of recognition. ...Read More »
Featured Trailer of The Week: Redemption By DMO Affiliate A revenge filled Jason Statham stars in Redemption, available on Blu-Ray & DVD September 24th. ...Read More »
About Last Night "Bond" By DMO Affiliate See a man's bond in the hit film About Last Night on DVD 5/20. ...Read More »
Behind the Scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Relics" By DMO Affiliate See how the bridge of the classic Enterprise was reconstructed for Scotty's trip to the future on the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Relics." From the brand new Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Sixth Season Blu-ray set! ...Read More »
LEGO Movie: Building a World, Brick By Brick By DMO Affiliate Every last bit of everything in The LEGO Movie is made of LEGO. Watch this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray, releasing June 17th, to watch it all come together. ...Read More »
Video: Sequels Rule Father's Day Box Office, Led By 'Jump Street' By Clip Syndicate Sequels ruled the cineplex this weekend as young cops and a young dragon duked it out at the box office. According to studio estimates from box office crunchers rentrak, 22 Jump Street , the follow-up to the 2012 comedy, scored a surprise win at theaters with $60 million. But audiences were in the mood for a laugh. Since then, moviegoers got a steady diet of action and drama, from the X-Men sequel to Godzilla to Maleficent . ...Read More »
'Pagan Holidays' Transforms from a Small, Independent Project to a True Feature Film Clifton Holmes knows you have to be ready for anything. Just because one opportunity doesn't work out, it doesn't mean you can't leverage what you already have and turn it into an even greater one. It's all about being flexible. It's how he came to direct "Pagan Holidays," the first official project from Basic Elements, a Chicago based entertainment production company aimed at creating reasonably budgeted feature length productions, both narrative and documentary, which Clifton founded in 2012. ...Read More »
Sony Announces White PlayStation 4 As Part Of Destiny Bundle, Coming September 9 By DMO Affiliate After opening its E3 press conference with a new trailer for Destiny, the new shooter from Bungie Studios, Sony announced that the games release would bring with it a bundle featuring a white variant of the PS4. On September 9, gamers will be able to pick up the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle, which will pack in a white PS4, a white controller, a copy of Destiny, and 30 days of PlayStation Plus membership, which includes online multiplayer as well access to free games on the PlayStation Store. ...Read More »
Robocop - Blu-ray Deleted Scene By DMO Affiliate Check out a scene that wasn't shown in theaters from this week's Blu-ray release. ...Read More »
Falling Skies: What Makes Cochise Tick By DMO Affiliate Actor Doug Jones and the crew explore the unique alien's motivations in this clip from the Season 3 Blu-ray. ...Read More »
Lone Survivor's Real Life Soldier By DMO Affiliate Watch this exclusive Blu-ray special feature about Matt Axelson, the soldier portrayed in the movie. ...Read More »
Hillsong Church Handles Congregation Growth with Blackmagic Design Founded thirty years ago in Sydney, Australia by Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, Hillsong Church has grown rapidly over the years. The church is now comprised of more than a dozen locations in eleven countries across the globe. In Australia alone, more than 30,000 people attend services weekly. The days of a single preacher speaking from a wooden pulpit with only his voice are gone. 30,000 people each weekend want to feel part of the sermons, services and church family. One of the best ways to build and serve the growing congregations is to establish an amazing broadcast and AV infrastructure in each campus. Hillsong's requirements include HD broadcasts, live video switching, recording to DVDs and conversion of formats to meet its needs. ...Read More »
Time Travel, Ham Sandwiches and the Pocket Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Ham sandwiches are pretty much the same no matter where you are. But the same is not true when thinking about when you are. In the 1970s, it was Wonder Bread and two slices of ham. Maybe a slice of that weird orange cheese. But today? Well, which of the 10 types of organically grown bread would you like with your smoked, pepper or free range ham? If you are one of the two time travelers in Kanen Flowers's new series "18:20," the search for the normalcy of a simple ham sandwich, one of the running plot points in the series, is just one of the many reminders that everything changes when time traveling. ...Read More »
Sutherland Gets Creepy For 'Pompeii' Bad Guy By DMO Affiliate Darn it, Kiefer Sutherland wants some wine, and he better get it before the lava starts pouring. His 24 character Jack Bauer has to deal with apocalyptic-type situations regularly, but his villainous Senator Corvus doesn't realize the disaster coming his way in the action film Pompeii , out on Blu-ray and DVD today and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. ...Read More »
Fast, Reliable Storage By Cirina Catania In one of the still unforgiving areas of the country where people still ride the range and deal with the harsh realities of mother nature, we captured three days of video on a project which will ultimately be a documentary of the old west in modern times. ...Read More »
Luxury cinema proves box office hit By DMO Affiliate Lionel Barber talks to Cinpolis chief Alejandro Ramirez ...Read More »
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