Qumulo Announces Broad Expansion of Cloud-Native File Storage Offerings

New Solutions Enable Data-Driven Organizations to Achieve Business
Continuity, Multicloud Objectives, and Run End-to-End File-Based
Workloads in the Cloud

Announcement Highlights:

  • Qumulo partners with Google to offer Qumulo file storage on the
    Google Cloud Platform (GCP), enabling multicloud environments and
    workflows optimized for Google’s infrastructure and geographic
  • Qumulo CloudStudio allows M&E organizations to scale production
    with the public cloud on both the AWS and GCP platforms.
  • Qumulo CloudContinuity enables users to automate data
    synchronization in the cloud for failover, disaster recovery, and
    cloud transformation.

the leader of hybrid cloud file storage, today announced a significant
expansion of its cloud portfolio, including the introduction of two new
products – Qumulo CloudStudio™ and Qumulo CloudContinuity™ – as well as
support for Qumulo’s cloud-native, distributed hybrid file system on the
Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

According to Allied Market Research, the
global cloud storage market size
is estimated to reach more than $97
billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 24.8 percent.

“File data is the engine of innovation. The faster that innovative
organizations can create, store, analyze and share their data on-prem
and in the public cloud, the faster they can accelerate winning business
strategies,” said Bill Richter, president and CEO of Qumulo.

Today’s announcement includes the following elements:

  • Google Cloud Platform Support: Qumulo has partnered with
    Google to support Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file system on GCP and on the Google
    Cloud Platform Marketplace
    . Enterprises will be able to take
    advantage of the elastic compute resources, operational agility, and
    advanced services that Google’s public cloud offers.

    the addition of the Google Cloud Platform, Qumulo is able to provide
    multicloud platform support, making it easy for users to store,
    manage, and access their data, workloads and applications in both
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GCP. Qumulo also enables data
    replication between clouds for migration or multi-copy requirements.

  • Qumulo CloudStudio: Media and entertainment
    organizations of any size can scale production into the public cloud
    with Qumulo CloudStudio. CloudStudio securely moves traditionally
    on-prem workspaces, including desktops, applications, and data, to the
    public cloud on both the AWS and GCP platforms.

    file storage software is the same on-prem or in the cloud, making the
    transition seamless and easy, eliminating the need to reconfigure
    applications or retrain users.

    For example, CloudStudio
    allows creative agencies, post-production studios, broadcasters, and
    visual effects studios to more efficiently work on editorial projects
    such as creative content development, rendering, and production by
    moving the necessary applications and data to the cloud. Studios can
    also better leverage resources and talent across time zones, and more
    effectively collaborate with globally-dispersed teams with CloudStudio.

    can also help in the production of corporate video by allowing
    enterprises with in-house studios to leverage the power of the cloud.
    These businesses can gain efficiencies and cost savings by moving the
    data associated with developing and editing training videos, webinars,
    and other content services to the cloud.

    One of the key
    partners that has been an early supporter of CloudStudio is Teradici,
    the creator of PC-over-IP (PCoIP) remoting protocol technology and Cloud
    Access Software
    , newly augmented with PCoIP Ultra™ enhancements
    for graphics-intensive applications and content. Teradici and Qumulo
    will provide a joint demonstration of Qumulo CloudStudio at the NAB
    taking place in Las Vegas April 6-11.

  • Qumulo CloudContinuity: Organizations need to ensure
    they have strategies in place for ongoing continuity of operations.
    Whether planning for a technology migration to the cloud, preparing
    for disaster recovery, or recovering lost files, Qumulo
    CloudContinuity makes these efforts easier.

    This new
    offering enables users to have their data where they need it, when
    they need it. Users can automatically replicate their data from an
    on-prem Qumulo cluster to a Qumulo instance running in the cloud.
    Should a primary on-prem storage system experience a catastrophic
    failure, customers can redirect users and applications to the Qumulo
    cloud instance where they will have access to all of their data
    immediately. Qumulo’s CloudContinuity also enables quick, automated
    fail-back to an on-prem cluster in disaster recovery scenarios.

    have the option to keep their CloudContinuity instance running 24/7,
    or can programmatically turn it on before replication to reduce costs.

    a limited time, organizations that order any on-prem Qumulo storage
    cluster with a minimum subscription term of 36 months will receive a
    one-year matching capacity CloudContinuity software license at no

Qumulo is Trusted by Industry Leaders to Help Leverage the Power
of the Cloud

Many of the world’s most respected organizations across multiple
industries trust Qumulo to help them take advantage of the cloud:

  • Media and Entertainment: Film and animation studios depend on
    Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage. Visual effects studio FuseFX uses
    Qumulo on AWS for its television comedy program “The Tick,” and other
    projects. The flexibility to use the cloud both for large-scale
    rendering and for storage helped FuseFX keep their commitments,
    accelerate production, and reduce the risk of downtime, which can
    occur with on-prem render farms.
  • Oil and Gas: As innovative organizations in the oil and gas
    exploration industry seek to take advantage of the cloud, they are
    choosing technology providers in their journey that can serve as true,
    customer-focused partners. In February, Qumulo joined
    Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum
    to help oil
    and gas operators realize the advantages of the cloud.
  • Corporate Video: Corporate video has become mainstream for
    today’s employee education, training, corporate communication,
    marketing and advertising campaigns, helping to improve overall
    communications and reduce costs. Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage
    meets the demands of today’s corporate video content production and
    storage; providing a modern infrastructure employing flash-first
    technology which can handle the toughest 4K workloads, and limitless
    scalability to manage growing capacities and retention requirements.
  • Life Sciences: Organizations that want to move their genomic
    analysis workloads or research imaging to the cloud can take advantage
    of Qumulo’s multicloud platform support. Qumulo’s file system has the
    highest performance of any cloud offering, and is the only file
    storage system in the cloud with a full set of enterprise features,
    such as multi-protocol support and real-time visibility.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Bill Richter, president and CEO, Qumulo:
    “The cloud
    enables enterprises across all industries to unlock business
    opportunities by bringing agility and responsiveness to their
    organizations. Lifting workloads and data to the public cloud allows
    customers to better collaborate and manage data across regions, and
    across the world. Qumulo’s mission from day one has been to help our
    customers unleash the power of their file data, whether it is on-prem
    or in the cloud.”
  • Ryan McNeely, partner and creative director, VisualCreatures:
    made Qumulo CloudStudio so appealing to VisualCreatures is the
    opportunity to rapidly and seamlessly scale our editing, animation and
    VFX production to the cloud, so that we could continue to meet
    customer demand under incredibly tight deadlines. This could be a
    strong competitive advantage for a boutique studio like ours, because
    it allows us to continue our focus on producing great work for our
    clients and growing our business.”
  • David Smith, CEO, Teradici:
    “The Qumulo CloudStudio
    creates a powerful, complete solution for customers. Together with
    Qumulo, Teradici can provide a clear and efficient path for
    organizations to move desktops, applications and data to the cloud,
    whether using AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or a combination of either
    with on-prem data centers.

Availability: Qumulo has been available on AWS since 2017 and in
the AWS Marketplace since 2018. Qumulo CloudStudio and Qumulo
CloudContinuity are available now in the AWS Marketplace, and will be
available later this year in the GCP Marketplace.


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